Jim Daniel's STAM Seminar Excerpts

Jim Daniel's STAM Seminar Excerpts:
Short Study Notes
for Exam STAM

I, Jim (Dr. James W.) Daniel, A.S.A., taught face-to-face intensive exam-prep short courses, or ``seminars'', from 1994 until retiring from that business in August 2020, at which time I was teaching them for both SoA Exams LTAM and STAM. Leading up to that retirement, I created for both LTAM and STAM a collection of brief Seminar Excerpts; each presents the key concepts and intuitive ideas I found, from my long experience, troubled learners the most, presented in the style of my long-successful and popular face-to-face seminars.

STAM Seminar Excerpts range in length from 2 to 10 pages of text, averaging about 4.5 pages. Each Seminar Excerpt sells for $3, with a discount available for buying all 27 Seminar Excerpts. You can view a sample Seminar Excerpt by clicking here for Mixture distributions.

What follows ia list of the STAM Seminar Excerpts. Each title is link; click on it to go to a page with a brief summary and table of contents for that Seminar Except and an Add-to-Cart link to add that Excerpt to your Shopping Cart before checking out via PayPal. The products will be delivered as pdf files downloaded from Dropbox by a link Daniel will e-mail the buyer after payment is made by credit card over PayPal.

Here is the list of the 27 STAM Seminar Excerpts: